Network Security

Compromised data integrity, theft, viruses and access by unauthorized users can wreak havoc throughout your entire organization. Working in partnership with the world´s leading security specialists, Kastronics helps you identify and eliminate security risks and implement the security levels your business needs to meet specific standards and practices mandated by corporate or government regulations.

We provide the tools, skills transfer and training to help you deploy and manage the security control needs of your internal and remote offices, and enable you to respond quickly to new and fast-changing risks.

Kastronics offers a full range of security control solutions, including:

  • Firewall Solutions, including virtual private networks with or without remote client access;
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention, including customized signature activation, alerts, and network performance monitoring reports;
  • Content Security, protecting essential data against viruses, zero day threats, spyware, and web robots, including spam and web content control services;
  • Authentication Solutions, allowing to securely link existing network systems to applications that also simplifies management of end users and systems;
  • Network Access Control Solutions, scrutiny of peripherals to ensure compliance with network access policies;
  • Secure Wireless Networking, to prevent unwanted access and security breaches;
  • Antivirus, Spam Filter, and Endpoint Security, with the best possible solutions to protect your essential data against numerous daily threats on your network; and
  • Vulnerability Assessments, including firewall security scanning, business threats, policy review, and assessment of compliance with payment card industry (PCI) and other third parties.

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