Other Services

Configuration, Installation, and Integration Services

Whether you need a single server, desktop or laptop computer or you´re planning a full-scale technology refresh, Kastronics can deliver pre-configured, standardized systems for all your business needs. Our highly efficient processes ensure that systems are configured to your organization´s standards, including software images and asset tags, and we can also provide comprehensive details (system configuration, physical location, peripherals, software versions, etc.) to help you efficiently manage your IT assets.

The Kastronics advantage ensures:

  • Improved system reliability and performance: proven deployment systems and certified technical teams ensure that all new servers, storage, desktops, notebooks and/or applications will perform against established criteria;
  • Network security practices are upheld;
  • Compliance and regulatory standards are met;
  • Cost-efficient roll-out processes, scheduled to meet each of your business location’s unique needs and requirements;
  • Minimized disruption of business operations;
  • Your internal resources have their time freed up to focus on other IT priorities.


Data Backup and Recovery Services

How long would your organization be able to operate without its business data?…Kastronics can help you determine a realistic recovery time objective that meets your business´s priorities, and design and implement a backup and recovery system for your data and applications that is reliable, affordable, and easy to manage.

The Kastronics advantage will help you:

  • Understand and assess current backup and recovery processes and procedures;
  • Identify inefficiencies within your current backup and recovery environment;
  • Determine the best options (including various combinations of hardware, software and services) to ensure your infrastructure is adequate to sufficiently and cost-effectively meet your business needs now and in the future;
  • Align data retention processes with business initiatives, including compliance and risk management requirements.

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