Our Data Centers

Kastronics’ Upstream Network Providers have engineered one of the fastest and most reliable networks in the world, delivering the lowest latency in the industry along with almost-zero packet loss. The network is built based on a series of dedicated links between a number of facilities using multiple high-speed connections. We have strategic peering relationships with over 500 networks and utilize multiple Tier-1 upstream providers to ensure continued high performance. Peering lets us reduce latency between the networks, avoid additional third-party network costs, and pass the savings on to our customers.

  • Regulated Climate Control
    Our HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) systems have full particle filtering and humidity control. The environment within the dedicated hosting data center is maintained at a cool 68 degrees (Fahrenheit) to ensure that your server is functioning at its best in an optimal environment.
  • Backup Power Systems
    We do not rely upon the local power grid to guarantee uptime. Our data centers’ on-site, diesel-powered generators and centralized Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) provide power conditioning and ensure uninterrupted dedicated hosting data center operation. The generators are regularly tested to make certain that they will function as needed in the event of an emergency.
  • Data Center Security
    Our data centers are physically isolated from everyone but senior technicians and authorized clients (escorted by Kastronics personnel). Monitored closed circuit television and on-site security ensure the facility is protected at all times…while military-grade pass card access and biometric finger-scan units provide further layers of security.
  • End to End Support
    Network Operations Center (NOC) staff monitor the power to the facility and the integrity of the network pipes at all times, with Kastronics network engineers available at any time in the event of an emergency.

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